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original Japanese woodblock print “Spring Snow” SIGNED by Ishida Waka (1922 -) published by  YuYudo in 1960s


HUGE Orig Japanese Woodblock Print, LIMIT# PENCIL Sgn Ishida Waka Spring Snow

$ 220.00
This is a HUGE, LIMITED-NUMBER (265/450), rare and beautiful original Japanese woodblock print “Spring Snow” PENCIL SIGNED by the famous Taisho/Showa Shin-Hanga master Ishida Waka (1922 -) published by the well-known printmaker YuYudo in 1960s IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.   This is an original woodblock print about 50 years old.  This ORIGINAL woodblock print is one of the core collections of a large number of gorgeous, different-styled Asian art and Japanese woodblock print collections in my family that we are gradually selling.  Ishida Waka was specialized in bijin-ga (woodblock print of beauties), the genre of the depiction of beautiful women.   The women in her woodblock prints look very fashionable, trendy, beautiful and cute- with luscious eyelashes and sensual lipstick mouths.    Ishida Waka was mainly a traditional Japanese painter so she did not create many bijin-ga prints before she died.   The designs of her woodblock prints have an individual style and are something special - and beautiful.  Because of these reasons, her Bijin-ga woodblock prints are hard to find and are highly priced all over the world.  The information of Ishida Waka and her woodblock prints can be easily found on any search engine. Her woodblock prints are hard to find and sell for thousand dollars in the galleries in Japan.  The size of this woodblock print is 21 ½ x 16 inches, which is MUCH LARGER than the traditional Shin-Hanga woodblock prints. The colors, which are vivid and vibrant, are in layers.  This woodblock print is not attached any backing paper or cardboard.  Ink bleeding can be seen through the back of the original Japanese mulberry Washi paper.  All four borders are intact.  The artist’s signature and his chop mark are close to the lower right edge of the print and in the right corner of the bottom border.  In the lower left border of this woodblock print, there are the carver’s and the printer’s chop marks.   At the left of the bottom border, it is pencil writing 265/450, means this is the 265th print out of 450 total prints.   The publisher YuYuDo’s seal is in the lower right border.   This ORIGINAL woodblock print is IN EXCELENT CONDITION.  Original Ishida Waka’s Bijin-ga woodblock prints are not often found in the public nowadays.  This woodblock print is definitely an incredible piece for collecting.

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