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About the Collection

The history of the The Shin Hanga Gallery ( spans generations of personal and family history to the present.

In 1945, my father joined US General Douglas MacArthur's occupation army and rebuilding of Japan at the close of World War Two. He came from a merchant family that had collected artworks across the Asian continent and became fascinated with the beauty and uniqueness of Japanese Woodblock Prints during his service. Those years spent in the postwar foothills and towns of Japan were the start of the wonderful collection you find here today.

After his service, my father made several trips back to Japan to visit friends and expand his knowledge of the history and technique of Japanese Woodblock Prints. His collections grew quickly as part of passionate hobby he held throughout his working years and into retirement.

In 2000, he and I decided to begin paring down some of his rapidly growing collection by making them available to the public for sale on eBay.  Together we traded several thousand individual pieces, built an enormous positive feedback score reflecting more than 4000 satisfactory auctions, and attained Power Seller and Top Seller status numerous times.

In 2007, my father passed away leaving his collection under my duration where it continues to grow today as one of the largest collections of Ukiyo-e and Shin-Hanga Japanese Woodblock Prints in the world. 

The goal of The Shin Hanga Gallery is to spread the shared passion and appreciation of my family with the world and help others experience the joy of collecting some of the most wonderful artwork in history.

We are located here in Austin, Texas. You can reach us at our mailing and email address:

The Shin Hanga Gallery
P.O. Box 203962
Austin, TX 78720.  

Thank you for visiting,