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A Great Orig Japanese Woodblock Print Senpan Maekawa 前川 千帆Kyoto Gio Showa 21 (1946) Self_Carved and Self_Print

$ 199.00

This is a Great very beautiful and rare SELF_CARVED and SELF_PRINT ORIGINAL Japanese Shin Hanga woodblock print “Kyoto Gio Festival” from the series “Picture notes of Japanese Native Customs” signed by the famous Showa Shin Hanga woodblock master Senpan Maekawa 前川 千帆 (1888-1960) made in Showa 21, which is 1945 IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.  This is an ORIGINAL woodblock print about 60 years old.  This woodblock print is one of the core collections of many gorgeous, different-styled Japanese woodblock print collections in my family, which we are gradually selling.  This exactly same woodblock print is shown on  Maekawa 前川 千帆was inspired to take up woodblock printmaking by sōsaku hanga artist, Minami Kunzō (1883–1950). His first print was exhibited in 1919 at the Nippon Sōsaku Hanga Kyokai exhibition. In 1928 he joined with seven other sōsaku hanga artists to work on the 100 Views of New Tokyo series, to which he contributed twelve prints. From 1931 to 1960 he was an active member of the Japanese Print Association. The print size is 8 x 10 1/2 inches.  The colors, which are vivid and vibrant, are in layers.  All four borders are intact.  The artist’s chop mark is at the upper left corner.  The colors, which are vivid and vibrant, are in layers.   This woodblock print is attached to an original Japanese folder only at the two corner tips of left edge and strong ink bleeding can be seen through the back of the original Japanese mulberry Washi paper.  On the bottom of the folder, it says “Maekawa 前川 千帆, Kyoto Gio, Showa 21, (Self_Carved and Self_Print).  This original woodblock print is IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.  It is hard to find an original Japanese woodblock print of such a beautiful and rare scene signed by the famous Showa Shin Hanga woodblock print master Senpan Maekawa in the public nowadays.  This woodblock print is definitely an incredible piece for collecting.  Shipping is $16 dollars anywhere in US via USPS priority mail with insurance and tracking.  International shipping charges are US$25 through airmail WITHOUT insurance, buyers will have to assume all the risks during the mailing.  We do combined shipping.  If more than one item is purchased at the same time, the highest shipping cost will be charged. All items will be shipped together. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL SELF_CARVED AND SELF_PRINT JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINT SIGNED BY THE FAMOUS SHOWA SHIN HANGA WOODBLOCK PRINT MASTER SENPAN MAEKAWA MADE IN SHOWA 21 (1946).  IT IS NOT A RE-CUT, REPRODUCTION, OR LITHO PRINT. (SF24_20220319_2)

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