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A Great HUGE Orig Japanese woodblock print Yoshida Hodaka LIMIT# PENCIL Sign Mini – Mythology

$ 599.00

This is a HUGE very beautiful and special LIMITED-NUMBER (59/85) original Japanese woodblock print masterpiece “Mini – Mythology” PENCIL SIGNED by the famous Showa Shin Hanga woodblock prints Master Hodaka Yoshida (1926-1995), made in 1980s IN EXCELLENT CONDITION.  This is an ORIGINAL woodblock print about 40 years old.  This woodblock print is one of the core collections of a large number of gorgeous, different-styled Japanese woodblock print collections in my family, which we are gradually selling.  To see more on my family Japanese woodblock print and Asian art collection, please search for on.  Hodaka Yoshida (1926-1995), well-known artist, his father and mother, Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) and Fujio Yoshida (1887-1987), were both leading Western-style Tokyo artists who worked in oils, watercolors, and (from 1925 on) in Shin Hanga woodblock prints.  Instead of having a continuous development, his work moved forward in a series of abrupt stages. For example, his 1955 encounter in Mexico with primitive Pre-Columbian artifacts and architecture radically reoriented his art. A survey of the total range of his work - about 600 prints over 45 years - reveals distinct periods, each having major changes in subject matter, vocabulary, style, and color pallet. His styles, while always his own, drew from Expressionism, Pop, Photorealism, and Color Field abstraction. Broadly speaking most of his prints would be categorized as Sosaku Hanga.  Information and prices for his woodblock prints can be found on Internet. The size of this woodblock print is 22 1/4 x 15 inches, which is MUCH LARGER than the tradition Japanese woodblock print.  Four borders are intact.  The colors, which are vivid and vibrant, are in layers on the print. The woodblock print is not attached to any backing paper or cardboard and strong ink bleeding can be seen through the back of the original Japanese Washi paper.  The Artist PENCILE SIGNATURE, the title of the print “Mini – Mythology”, the LIMITED-NUMBER (59/85) are in the bottom border.  This ORIGINAL woodblock print is EXCELLENT CONDITION.  It is hard to find such a beautiful and special LIMITED-NUMBER (59/85) original Japanese woodblock print PENCIL SIGNED by the famous Sosaku Hanga woodblock print master Hokada Yoshida in the public nowadays and it is definitely an incredible piece for collecting. Shipping is $16 anywhere in US via USPS priority mail with tracking and insurance. International shipping charges are US$25 through airmail WITHOUT insurance, buyers will have to assume all the risks during the mailing.  If more than one item is purchased at the same time, the highest shipping cost will be charged. All items will be shipped together. THIS IS A HUGE LIMITED-NUMBER (59/85) ORIGINAL JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINT PENCIL SIGNED BY THE SHOWA SOSAKU HANGA WOODBLOCK PRINT MASTER HOKADA YOSHIDA MADE IN 1980S.  IT IS NOT A RE-CUT, REPRODUCTION, OR LITHO PRINT.

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