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Hello! Welcome to the The Shin Hanga Gallery!  To see our full collections, please click on "Catalog" and browse for "All".  To see the most updated listing, please go to Catalog, then Sort, choose "new to old".

For seven decades, my family has collected beautiful and irreplaceable Ukiyo-e and Shin-Hanga Japanese Woodblock Prints (hanga) which together have become one the largest private collections in the world.  I have been sharing these works of art with the world since 2002, previously on eBay under the username 'battelion78'. Through the encouragement of friends and family, I founded in 2015 to broaden the visibility and knowledge surrounding this incredible category of Asian artworks.

The Shin Hanga Gallery ( updates its online category regularly. To see our complete online catalog, click on "Catalog" followed by "All". All our prints are genuine, appraisal, and part of a unique family collection that we are slowly making available for viewing here at

You can also reach Dr. Ben and his helpful staff by email at